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We need YOU to make sure abortion on demand is not legalised in Ireland. Abortion campaigners have the media and George Soros - but Save the 8th is powered by your support, and together we can protect both mother and baby from abortion. 

Right now, we are in URGENT need of funds to print MORE of the posters and booklets that are winning over undecided voters every day. We can't do this without you. Please help. 

Your donation:  

Will help win MORE votes against this cruel and extreme abortion proposal and STOP abortion clinics preying on vulnerable women and innocent babies in Ireland. Thank you! Please get involved as soon as you can!

Your donation:

  • Will pay the immediate cost of ANOTHER 8,000 posters 
  • Print the beautiful materials having such a big impact on people at the doors - where we are out months ahead of abortion campaigners 
  • Keeps our mobile billboards on the road, where they are seen by hundreds of thousands
  • Brings powerful pro-life messages to thousands every day on social media. 
  • Keeps our Life Canvasses going with more than 80 local pro-life groups 

We can only accept donations to the SAVE the 8th Referendum from people living in Ireland or from Irish citizens who reside outside the island of Ireland