“Give up the aul illegal donations for Lent” Savethe8th tells Repealers

Repeal the 8th campaigners should consider giving up illegal and foreign donations for lent, Savethe8th has said. With just 100 days to go until polling day, no less than three “repeal” groups have serious questions to answer about their funding.

Amnesty Ireland is in court, trying to overturn a SIPO command to return an illegal donation from the Open Society Foundation.

The Abortion Rights Campaign has already had to return an illegal donation from the same George Soros-founded organisation.


And the National Women’s Council of Ireland seems intent on flouting the McKenna judgement by spending taxpayer money on repeal.

Savethe8th said: “Lent is a time for reflection and sacrifice, when we give up those things that we have over-indulged in for too long. For repealers, that thing is all that lovely, juicy, foreign and taxpayer money.

While the media has largely ignored this addiction, it’s resulted in the repealers becoming sluggish and politically unhealthy.

The Irish people, if they ever find out about these stories that have been sitting in plain sight for months, will be disgusted. That is not good for repeal.


Therefore, in the spirit of lenten amity, we’re urging the repealers to take this opportunity to clean up their act, and to give up the aul’ illegal donations for lent”.