Pro-life feminists to tell Simon Harris abortion industry are like ‘vulture funds’

Poll shows GP led service to be "a total fantasy”

Pro-life feminists have held a public event at the Dáil today (at Midday) to tell the Health Minister, Simon Harris, that women are demanding a better answer than abortion.  They say that the 8th amendment should continue to protect women from the “vulture funds” of the abortion industry.

“Today is International Women’s Day, and it’s also the day that Simon Harris intends to bring the abortion proposal before the Dáil. He needs to realise that abortion is anti-woman and anti-child, and that he is not helping women by pushing abortion, but is instead failing to assure women that his government will provide the compassion, help and support women need to raise their children. Our message to the Minister: we deserve your support, not your abortion bill,” said Mairéad Hughes, an organiser of the event.

“As Irish women, we say that the repeal campaign and the National Women’s Council of Ireland does not speak for us. We are pro-life feminists who demand a better answer for women than the cruelty of abortion – a procedure that belongs in the Dark Ages,” she said.

“We also wish to urge Irish women to reject the agenda of an abortion industry that is seeking to profit from vulnerable Irish women and girls,” said Ms Hughes. “Where Irish people see a woman in a crisis, the abortion industry sees a potential customer. To them, every Irish pregnant woman will not be someone to be helped, but someone to advertise to. They are like vulture funds preying on the difficulties of women in order to make a profit.”

“Today’s poll of Doctors showing that 7 in 10 will not take part in the Government’s abortion scheme shows that Minister Harris’s “GP led service” is a total fantasy. It is no wonder that the UK abortion providers are licking their lips at the prospect of a yes vote – they cannot wait to come here and start advertising to Irish women directly. Where Irish people see a woman in distress, these vulture funds see an opportunity for profit. The YES campaign talks about compassion, but for the abortion industry that funds the YES campaign, this is about gaining access to a new market”

“The Irish Government should be promoting positive solutions to Irish women. Instead, they are inviting in an abortion industry that has a vested interest in marketing abortion to vulnerable women. The Oireachtas Committee heard from British and US abortion chains, but not from Irish women who has unexpected pregnancies,” she added.

“We are tired of being told that we can’t be feminists and be pro-life, when the fact is, according to the polls, women are actually just as likely or more likely to oppose abortion. Pro-life feminists are sick of being lectured to by abortion campaigners who like to tell women what they can and can’t say – but Irish women are independent-minded enough to stand up to the bullying of the abortion industry.”

“We stand with every Irish women when we say that abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women - and we won’t have Simon Harris saying that he is legalising abortion to meet our needs when abortion only serves the needs of a society that has failed both mother and child,” said Ms Hughes.








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