Citizens Assembly Audit reveals process to be an “unrepresentative sham” – Save the 8th

The audit into the Citizens Assembly has shown the entire process to be “an unrepresentative sham”, Save the 8th has said.

While media coverage has focused on the farcical recruitment of seven of an employee’s friends, the audit report reveals much bigger problems with the Assembly:

  1. The Audit reveals that the Assembly was warned in advance that it could not accurately represent the population with just 99 members, and would have margins of error exceeding 10% even assuming perfectly scientific recruitment processes.
  2. The Audit reveals that the Assembly chose, against the advice of Red C research, to water down these recruitment processes by refusing to incentivise members of the public to take part. Red C warned that this would make the Assembly even less representative.



Neither of these facts, which were known to the Assembly at the time of its first meeting, were made known to the public.

The proposal for an abortion regime on demand up to 12 weeks was supported by 48% of Assembly members, a figure that is very prone to the large margin of error.

Save the 8th’s Niamh Ui Bhrian said:

“This Assembly was an unrepresentative sham. What is more, it is now clear that the Assembly itself knew itself to be an unrepresentative sham. The public are now being asked to vote based on the recommendations of an unrepresentative sham. We learn now that not only was it statistically unrepresentative, but that it went so far as to bring in seven friends of one of it’s recruiters.

We elect politicians. It is their job to make decisions. Their reluctance to do so, and their transparent desire to reach a particular outcome on abortion while having someone else to blame is at the root of the Citizens Assembly.

It should be disbanded. The country already has a playground for taxpayer funded lobbyists on Kildare Street. It did not need a second. In May, the public have the chance to give their verdict on this nonsense. We look forward to hearing it.”