PRESS: 16-point swing against “hard Brexit” 12 weeks proposal in a fortnight as the rebellion begins

Savethe8th, which is campaigning against the referendum to repeal the 8th amendment, has cautiously welcomed the findings of a Sunday Times Behaviour and Attitudes poll, which shows support amongst the public for a 3-month abortion on demand regime falling to 43%, with opposition rising to 35%.

The organisation noted that it is early in the campaign, but observed that “a rebellion is taking hold amongst the electorate”.



Spokesperson Niamh UiBhriain said:

“All opinion polls should be taken with a grain of salt, but we note that two weeks ago, before Savethe8th launched its national billboard campaign and ramped up its volunteer teams to over 1,000 people, an opinion poll showed this same proposal at 51% yes, 27% no. These new figures represent a notional 16% swing towards opposition in a two-week period.

This tallies with the experience of our campaign, which has been that the more people find out about the government’s extreme proposal, the more they reject it.

Our message to the people over the coming months as we approach the likely polling day will be that what the government is proposing is the “hard Brexit” of abortion referendums. There’s no going back after this. It proposes abortion on demand for the first three months of pregnancy, and opens the door to that being extended further by future governments”.