PRESS: Government attempt to change legislation prior to vote shows they cannot be trusted – Save the 8th

A report in the Sunday Times that the Government is considering amending proposed abortion legislation before the people have even voted shows that they cannot be trusted to stick to their word on the issue, Save the 8th has said.

Commenting, Communications Director John McGuirk said:

“If politicians can change the proposed abortion laws before we even vote on them, they can change them after we vote on them as well. The Government may well be waking up to the idea that their proposals are too extreme for the Irish electorate, but we know for a fact that those proposals are not too extreme for the Government.

The public cannot be fooled. They might try to water down the proposed legislation now to get you to vote for it, but as soon as you’ve given them the power to change it back, they’ll be getting the car out of reverse, and going right back on those journeys of theirs again.

They’re on the run. They’re panicking. They’re in disarray. And it’s because they have proposed a law far too extreme for the Irish people. Now they’re considering a con-job on the public. It won’t work”.