Remarkably small turnout for Repeal March shows lack of enthusiasm for referendum

Save the 8th has issued the following statement on this evenings “Votes for Repeal” march in Dublin: “Photos of this evening’s march show that the crowd took up a space less than half the length of the customs house. It is physically impossible for the crowd to have been much larger than one thousand people.


This was supposed to be the Repeal Campaign’s show of strength on the day the referendum was launched. Tonight’s march featured Communists for Choice, Left wing feminists for choice, and taxpayer funded lobby groups for choice. Notably, it did not feature very many ordinary voters for choice.

From the beginning, repeal has been the agenda of a tiny, taxpayer funded group of activists. Tonight we have seen just how big they are.

By contrast, on Saturday, tens of thousands will take to the streets in support of the 8th amendment. This campaign pits a small but powerful group of professional activists against the ordinary people of Ireland. On Saturday, the ordinary people will let themselves be heard”.


Note: Photos showing the true size of the Votes for Repeal March can be found here: