Save the 8th comment on weather and abortion

Save the 8th has issued the following response to statements from the National Women’s Council and the Abortion Rights Campaign in relation to the impact of the current weather on the abortion debate:


“Voting yes or no will not prevent snow, which falls from time to time. The various YES campaigns seem not to have noticed that the weather we are having affects people in the UK as much as it affects people from Ireland. Even if the NWCI and the Coalition to Repeal the 8th succeed in introducing a UK-style abortion regime here, there will be days like today when travelling to Bray is impossible, let alone to Birmingham. These wild claims about the impact of the weather on Irish women do not stand up to the mildest scrutiny, and are a little bit silly.

There are many things to consider when casting your vote on May 25th. Respectfully, the polar vortex is not high on the list”.