Save the 8th statement on Simon Harris comments

Save the 8th has issued the following response to comments by Minister Simon Harris reported in the Times Ireland newspaper this morning.

Minister Harris is reported to have said, in conversation with Ellen Coyne of the Times Ireland edition that “it might suit those who don’t want change to focus exclusively on what law will come after. We shouldn’t let that detract from the point that if you want change, you have to vote yes”.


Responding, Save the 8th’s Niamh Ui Bhriain said:

“It is absolutely extraordinary for the minister to suggest that voters are wrong to examine the immediate implications of their votes. The immediate implications set out by the minister himself are that there will, immediately, be abortion on demand for the first three months of pregnancy. That is what will “come after”. It is a critical part of this debate, or else the Government would not have put it on the agenda.

There are two things we know for certain about a yes vote: it will bring abortion on demand for three months now, and abortion on demand later in pregnancy once politicians decide it’s time to go on another journey.

The minister himself might want to focus more on the immediate implications of a yes vote, given comments by medical practitioners yesterday that one consequence of a yes vote will be an increase in waiting lists for women who need gynaecological care”.