Savethe8th welcomes Irish College of General Practitioners decision to stay neutral in referendum

Savethe8th, the campaign for a NO vote in the forthcoming referendum on the 8th amendment, has today welcomed the decision by the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) to remain neutral in the referendum campaign. In a letter to members today, ICGP chair Dr. John Gillman said that the ICGP would “not have a formal position” in relation to the referendum, and would support the right of individual members to take their own position.


Commenting, Savethe8th spokeswoman Niamh UiBhriain said:

“The decision from the ICGP not to endorse a YES vote in the referendum on repeal is significant and welcome. In recent days and weeks we have seen increasing concern from doctors, both those who oppose this proposal on principle, and the significant number who see it as simply unworkable.

For months now, supporters of Repeal have tried to present medical opinions on the referendum as uniform. They are not. In the coming months, we are glad that those many doctors with serious concerns about the Governments proposal will have the support of the ICGP if they wish to make their views known. This is a good day for those of us who want a fair and open debate”.