Supreme Court decision exposes stark choice facing voters - Save the 8th

The decision of the Supreme Court, announced this morning, confirms that the proposal to repeal the 8th Amendment would completely abolish all constitutional rights of unborn children, Save the 8th has said.

The Court found that the only constitutional protection which exists for unborn children is the right to life contained in the 8th Amendment and that no other inherent constitutional rights exist in the Constitution.

Commenting on the judgment, Niamh Uí Bhriain of Save the 8th said: "This judgment of the Supreme Court exposes the frightening reality of the Government's proposals on abortion. It confirms that if the 8th Amendment is abolished, then the only constitutional protections enjoyed by unborn children would be abolished along with it. 

This is an extreme outcome which the Taoiseach himself rejected as recently as last September, and shows that the proposals go far beyond the so-called "middle ground"

It exposes the true agenda of the Government proposals: to remove all constitutional protections for unborn children, while masking it as a proposal to protect the rights of women. Such an outcome would give carte blanche to future governments to extend abortion on demand later in pregnancy without any approval from the public.

Voters will be repulsed by this stark choice.”