"If we lived in England instead of Ireland..."

"We can do better for our women and our children than the cruelty of abortion. #VoteNo to abortion-on-demand and #Savethe8th."







Doctors tell us what an unborn baby is like at 12 weeks.

You'll be amazed! Doctors tell us what an unborn baby is like at 12 weeks.






Women are Safe with the 8th

Doctors are speaking out to say that Irish women are SAFE under the 8th amendment - and that they are NOT restricted in treating women and saving their lives. Abortion ends the life of a baby, it's not healthcare. 






"Imagine, for a minute, that you are surrounded by total darkness, in a small enclosed space, with no air... someone is supplying you with food through a cord which is keeping you alive... you are totally dependent on this person for survival, without them you will die.

You are hoping to survive. You are hoping to emerge into the outside world and be greeted by your family... but outside people are debating what should happen with you ... some are saying its too difficult to bring you into this world.... others are wondering if you are even alive at all..."

#savelives #savethe8th #votenotoabortion







What does the ‘repeal the 8th’ slogan actually mean? Watch this 90 sec video to see.








#Human (2 mins)

Why do preborn children have a right to life?  Because they are human.






#Choice (40secs)

Like most young women I want the right the choose what to do with my life. But on abortion? Let’s see what that means.







#RealityofRepeal (3 mins)

An abortion doctor explains what repealing the 8th amendment really means







#The8thProtectedMe (4 mins)

I had cancer in pregnancy, and I received all the treatment I needed. The 8th protected me and my baby. 







#The8thProtectedMe (6 mins)

Just like Savita Halappanavar, I developed a severe infection in pregnancy. The doctors were totally free under the 8th to intervene and save my life.





#The8thProtectedMe (3mins)

I was pregnant and then pre-eclampsia put my life in danger. There was no hesitation for the doctors to intervene. The 8th protected baby and me, and both our lives were saved.









#AbortionIsNotHealthcare (3 mins)

I had an ectopic pregnancy and doctors had to act to save my life. They couldn’t save my baby. The 8th amendment compels doctors to save women’s lives.







#AbortionIsNotMedicallyNecessary (90 sec)

WATCH the evidence which shows that doctors don’t need something as backward as abortion to keep women safe – modern medicine does that







#AbortionIsNotATreatmentForSuicide (3 mins)

SEE doctors and other medical experts confirm that abortion does not help women who are suicidal







#EveryLifeMatters (7 mins)

WATCH the amazing Karen Gaffney, champion for people with Down Syndrome address the Rally for Life









Lillie lived for two hours after birth, and her life was important and she was precious and loved. She was a baby not a ‘fatal abnormality’.







WATCH Vicky explain why abortion would have made her baby girl’s life even shorter









Join us as we go door-to-door to have a personal conversation with the Nation on abortion









Abortion is torture – and Amnesty has abandoned its human rights mission. Time to #AbandonAmnesty







WATCH the curious story of the Irish Times and the abortion that never happened