Why SAVE the 8th Amendment?

The 8th protects the right to life of BOTH mother and baby. 

  • No-one wants 10,000 more abortions every year
  • Without the 8th amendment, abortion will become legal – and abortion campaigners are looking for abortion on demand, right up to birth. That’s horrific.
  • We have a low abortion rate, especially compared to other EU countries. One in every 20 babies are aborted in Ireland, where women travel abroad. In Britain, and across Europe, the figure is much higher: one in every 5 babies are aborted before birth in Britain. Where abortion is legal, the number of abortion rises sharply. Is this what we want for Ireland?
  • If we had Britain’s abortion rate – one in every 5 babies aborted- we’d have an additional 10,000 abortions every year. Surely no reasonable person wants more abortions to take place
  • So instead of 3,500 abortions every year, we’d have 14,000 babies being killed before birth. We can do better for mothers and babies.
  • In fact, with the 8th, we have been doing better. In the past 13 years the number of Irish women seeking an abortion in Britain has fallen dramatically – by more than 50%. The numbers are down from 6,673 women travelling in 2001 to 3,265 in 2016. This is real progress – offering women real support and a better answer than abortion.


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